Saturday, January 30, 2016

Edelweiss Post

Every now and again I like to browse the Edelweiss Post shop (on Patrick sells vintage stamps and sets of envelopes stamped with vintage stamps. This year I treated myself to a set for the first time. They will no doubt show up in a future blog post.

Today's blog is to show you the amazing attention to detail Patrick puts into sending his packages.

This is what came. First of all, I am amazed how good the Harry Potter stamps look here, and how well they work with vintage purple. And Patrick takes the time to get hand cancellations - done at the Minneapolis main PO. As he describes it: a beautiful art deco structure built in 1931 on the banks of the Mississippi River. I have quite a few HP stamps left - maybe all they need is a nice kraft paper envelope!

The only thing that was not ideal is that the package took 2 weeks to get here. Perhaps it did indeed travel by airmail.

And then even better, another layer of wrapping inside. I felt like I was opening a Christmas present. Yet another vintage stamp as part of this packaging.

And a great note as well as tea - this level of customer service is really above and beyond - thanks to Edelweiss Post!

And apologies to blog readers for this entry being an ad for Edelweiss Post, I couldn't help myself.


  1. I enjoyed it!!! I really like his style.

  2. Replies
    1. No, this was sent to a place that is more secure for deliveries. I blurred it out to avoid confusion.

  3. Love this. I had seen his creations, but I never tried...

    1. Definitely on the expensive end of things, but as a one time treat, so worth it.