Sunday, March 18, 2018

E is for Egg and Eggshell

In the last A to Z, E was for elephants on a stamp from Spain.

This time the E is for Egg and Eggshell on a stamp from Spain. They were both winners of a stamp design contest and formed part of the same issue.

Thanks, Eva, for this fun sending - I'll save the other stamp for another letter :)

For more links to E on stamps, head over to Sunday Stamps.


  1. I always find this egg really funny. A bit surrealistic to see this on a stamp, but funny :D

  2. That egg yolk looks a little shocked. I wonder where it is running off to?!

    1. According to the designer, the artwork shows "the moment in which a teenager goes out into the world". The stamp won in the youth category (from 12 to 17 years), so the designer is a teenager herself (or she was in 2016) :)

  3. The first egg shell I've seen on a stamp, takes the imagination of a teen to come up with that. Like she gets her name on the stamp.