Friday, November 1, 2019

Bone breaker

The EUROPA bird-themed stamp on this envelope from Eva features a bearded vulture - but I like the literal translation of the Spanish name - bone breaker. Accompanied by some seasonal pumpkins and gourds.

And some parts (I'm guessing) of the selvage included as well. Thank you!


  1. Sounds like one of those "yuk" Halloween Cards that i can deal with

  2. Yes, that was part of the selvage. I'm glad the letter arrived on time. I had planned to paint a lot of pumpkins, and eventually I sent only two letters :)

  3. Beautiful stamp and selvage, and how wonderful and fine Eva created the envelope!

    Meanwhile I am breaking my brains in order to remember what is the Spanish name of a vulture... Rompe-huesos?? :o
    In Dutch it is named gier, maybe from the verb 'gieren' which is the sound of hard wind through trees and narrow openings in houses, maybe because the vulture's wings make this sound when flying high above their food.

    1. In Spanish it's "quebrantahuesos", and in Catalan we say "Trencalòs".