Thursday, January 23, 2014

Finnbadger 8 - vintage Smash

A first from Smash - an envelope addressed to Finnbadger.

As always, I'm a big fan of the style of Smash's 'g'. I'm also a big fan of the vintage stamps, they looks fantastic on this midnight-purple envelope. I had no idea what the 'B' stood for on the non-denominated stamp, which sent me to the internet to discover its value is 18c. 

This is an interesting envelope in that it looks different in daylight (now) compared to the relatively low light in my living room after dark (when I arrived home to find it waiting for me). Thanks, Smash.

This one did gain an attempted IMB - the lines weren't there, just the white strip, and the great thing is that it was easy to peel off without marring the envelope.

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