Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Envelope exchange 2014: to and from Mary Katherine

Another Japanese block print. Sadly I didn't keep the artists' names from this set of calendar envelopes.

I almost went with another bonsai stamp. This last choreographer stamp was lying out (having used one on the Rothko envelope to Chuck K). I had regretted buying the choreographer stamps as I really thought they weren't all that well-designed - they don't seem to evoke movement at all. After this exchange, I think they just need a perfect backdrop to shine.


Mary Katherine sent this great envelope inspired by the boats on the envelope I sent her.

She also pointed out that the choreographer on the stamp shares her name - something I didn't even notice when I sent it. 

Mary Katherine's handwriting is amazing - it is tiny and perfect - I thought it was computer printed at first.

(And I had no idea the Civil War stamps were so large)

Adding to the nautical theme, she included this neat dollar bill origami sailboat.

I sent a thank you on a postcard pre-stamped with the same theme.

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