Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Envelopes 214 and 171

I finally found a moment to send replies to Cathy and Rose who sent me bonus mail earlier in the year. 

#214 is one of those envelopes that I didn't pay attention when using the template.

I'm not sure if Lydia Mendoza ever played an ice rink, however the colors are pretty close.

And the back.


#171 is unusual in that there is a lot of dark space on the front. 

While it could have been the perfect place to hide Mr Cash another time, the image extended onto the flap made me think of the West Virginia stamp. Another hand addressed one - the gold actually looks better scanned than in real life; maybe a bronze metallic pen would have worked a little bit better.

The back is the best part of this one, in my opinion.


  1. while I love the Cash stamp, I like how the WV stamp echoes the the peek of (sun) light shining through.

    1. Initially I thought the sun shining through the trees of the Louisiana stamp would work with this one, but it has too many blue shades. And yes, Johnny would work here, too - I'm not sure what I'll do when the PO sells out of him.