Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The ides of postcards

A postcard of Rome St Peter's from Eva sent from an unexpected place - Vatican City.

A Dutch castle from Heleen

Helen's card arrived on 'Big Mail Monday' - one of the biggest batches of mail I've received on one day in a long time. Make sure to see Heleen's personalized stamp - very cool. They'll all be blogged eventually, in the meantime, here's the group photo:

And another postcard from Eva, showing a beautiful ancient mosaic, and taking its time to arrive from Italy in exactly a month. By comparison, the card from the Vatican took a week to get here.


  1. Big Mail days are the very best! I'm glad that the postcards arrived. The rest of postcards I sent from Italy, to different countries, needed also a month, or even more.

    The first picture is actually the Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica. But the picture was taken from Rome, I guess. The border is in the middle of the square.

    1. The Young Pope says that Rome is "the suburbs of the Vatican"...

    2. Thanks for the correction - I think I was distracted by the word 'Roma' on the postcard.

      I still have 3 episodes of The Young Pope left to watch - fascinating series.

    3. I think he says that in the first or second chapter, so I haven't spoilt anything... :)