Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Patricia's Postcards

Patricia sent me this postcard ages ago, to which she added a fruit sticker.

I added one more, and I thought I sent this to Tonipoet, but maybe she sent it along to DKULT to add more and return to Patricia.

The result.

I also have a direct add and pass back.

Here's how I altered it:

I also added something to this vintage postcard to send to Patricia.

Here's another where I added an orange sticker.

And I sent it to MomKat who added a bit more fruit and returned it to Patricia.

And one more from Patricia (love the spelling of coconut).

With a bit added by me.

And returned in envelope 897.


  1. Nice to see how the postcards are changing with their trips, back and forth...

    1. They have been fun exchanges and collaborations.

  2. I love the way you added the orange stickers. They fit well in the landscapes :-)
    And I love to see back the Moana rooster and other character. I happened to have seen this animation movie some weeks ago (in Dutch the movie's name is Vaiana).

    1. I tried to fit them into the picture as reasonably as possible. I haven't seen he film, but the characters look fun.