Saturday, February 20, 2016

Coordinated mail

Sometimes it's great when mail art arrives on a  regular basis, that one bright thing peeking out of the group of white envelopes. Other times it arrives all at once. I had a really great mail Friday a few weeks ago. Look at this handsome bunch, you would swear that Eva, Heleen, Jon and Carol had coordinated it.

Carol's is part of the January exchange, so it will be coming up in a later post.

Eva made her envelope from a calendar page, and added part of a cool metallic coffee bag (?) to her note.

Here it is without the postal bar code. 1437 refers to the new Islamic year which started in October 2015 (the Islamic calendar is a lunar one, rather than the Gregorian solar calendar).

On the back you can see the Gregorian 2016 new year.

Heleen sent me a postcard of a castle in the Netherlands, since I wrote on her blog I didn't know any. The sheep stamp is fantastic, and is by the same photographer who took the picture of the castle. Heleen even added a little castle stamp.

And Jon sent me a postcard with a painted image of David Bowie. I love the back, too.


  1. Actually, we coordinated but didn't tell you... :P

    I'm glad that you uploaded the pictures, because those days I was busy and forgot to take pictures of the mail I sent. Now I'm going to publish this envelope as well (if you give your permission!).

    Now I'm thinking I need to send you a castle as well... :)

    1. Oh, and yes: the moon is from a metallic coffee bag.

    2. Of course you can use the pictures. And I love the style of the writing on the coffee bag.