Sunday, February 14, 2016

An IUOMA valentine, and bonus stats

A valentine from Diana H at IUOMA.


Bonus stats

It has been quite some time since we had a change at the top. There is a new leader in most viewed posts. During the last year or so, the blog hit a new monthly high for visits in December 2016 of 3920, driven I'm sure by the blog advent. Also, the blog passed 50k views in the last couple of months - thanks!

Top 5

1 (-) Edelweiss Post

2 (1) St Valentine's Day

3 (2) Exchange 11 - Mr Charles resplendent

4 (-) Camels on Sunday Stamps

5 (5) Sunday Stamps - boats and ships


  1. time for you to sign up for Ad-Sense and generate some income off your blog ;-)

    1. No, please. Blogs with ads are so annoying...!

      I love the heart postcard, it's a good idea.

    2. I think you need a special punch to make the heart so perfect, but it is a good reuse of materials.