Sunday, August 12, 2018

Z is for Zebra nerite

I already showed one of the current USPS domestic postcard rate stamps under X, and when researching it I realized that another one in the group of 4 would be perfect for Z.

This stamp shows a zebra nerite, a type of snail - a perfect way to end given that letters with stamps on are now referred to as 'snail mail'.

And there we are at the end of another A to Z round of Sunday Stamps. For more Z links head over to the main site.

Friday, August 10, 2018

The Mail Art Experiment

Diana H, a mail artist I know from IUOMA, discovered a stash of pages covered in handwritten scientific experiment notes.

I participated and the page arrived in this amazing envelope.

With a note on a nice card.

I received this page.

And turned it into this (the silver parts may be hard to appreciate.

If you would like to see more altered pages head over to The Mail Art Experiment's Tumblr page.

And if you are in Crozet, Virginia, the exhibit runs August 21st to October 2nd at the Crozet Library.

The exhibit announcement arrived in the form of this lovely card featuring six of the altered pages.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Y is for Your own design

I didn't want to go with the easy Y is for Yellow option, or repeat 'Year of the Chinese Animal'. So I present to you a stamp where Heleen has used her own design. It seems like more and more post offices allow you to customize your own design. Here in the US this is licensed to a couple of companies (and you are charged extra for it).

I doubt any of these designs are truly collectible, but you never know.

Heleen's envelope came with an added snail, as well as a fun December stamp.

Inside was a stripy banana - thanks for the fun mail, Heleen.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Faster than a speeding bullet!

This great superhero envelope did travel quite fast from France, taking only 5 days.

I love the idea of a shy superhero...

I also liked how Eric used two reddish Marianne's to fit with the color scheme. Thanks!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Hands in the mail

Eva sent this great 'postcard' she received at a play, Los Mendigos (The Beggars). It is an interesting piece, the size is similar to a large bookmark.

And even more interesting are some of the stamps on the back that match the hands on the front.

Monday, July 30, 2018

X is for Xmas in July

I'm not normally a fan of abbreviating Christmas to Xmas, however it allows me to have a bonus post for the current Sunday Stamps A-Z.

I bring you a tale of two Xmas cards that decided to have an adventure.

The first is from Fabienne. The polar bear stamp is wonderful, and the stained glass one is part of a set titled Structure and Light issued in 2016 by La Poste. They make a perfect pair for Xmas postage.

Posted December 18, it didn't arrive until January 29, with no signs as to why it took so long (usually mail from France arrives in 5-10 days). There were Xs inside, too.

The second late arrival had an adventure that is easier to figure out. Eric sent this on December 13. For some reason it ended up gaining a Macon, Georgia postmark December 23. I'm not quite sure why it went there, since it is clearly addressed.

It must have done the rounds in Macon, because it gained another postmark January 20, and it finally arrived here January 23. You can see that the IMB has been blacked out, so I assume at some point this poor envelope gained the incorrect barcode, which sent it around Macon a few times before finally being corrected and successfully being delivered more than a month late.

The stamp is actually a print at home Xmas label featuring a penguin, wishing me a Joyeux Noel.

Included with the card was this wonderful ATC oil similar colors. A very nice piece of work, Eric, I love that it has a nice feel to it - is it collaged? 

Eric and I seem to have had trouble with our holiday mail the last few years :) Maybe 2018 will be better.

This has been a bonus post for the letter X of Sunday Stamps.