Sunday, January 28, 2018

Y is for Yellow

Going with the old and trusted standby for Y in an A-Z challenge, here are several yellow stamps on an envelope I sent out (OK, I know some are more beige...)

Oscar de la Renta, 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, WPA Posters (I know, I've shown this one under T is for Tennis), 75th Anniversary of Batman, 50th Anniversary of Wonder Woman, and the 1c definitive Apples has some nice yellow tones. The 5c coffee pot is the odd man out.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

X is for Xiphias gladius

These wonderful marine fauna stamps came from Eva in Morocco some time ago. Fortunately for me I haven't shown them before, so it gives me an 'X' in the Sunday Stamps A-Z journey, since the scientific name for the swordfish is Xiphias gladius.

The only downside to these lovely stamps is their tiny size - they are even smaller than the machine UK definitives, and so the details are hard to see without magnification.

Here is the full set (click to enlarge):

Sunday, January 14, 2018

W is for Writing

I have had this envelope from Eric for quite some time. I'm glad I saved it for W, as the beautiful stamps show the evolution of writing implements, and after all, stamps were created for sending letters. These two show a fountain pen and a reed, used as an ancient writing tool. Love the colors of this envelope from Eric, and the splashes of blue on the stamps. You can also include 'watching', if you take into account the blue cat in the top stamp.

The back is also stunning.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

V is for Venus

The stamp for Venus, issued as one of the eight 'Views of Our Planets' stamps in 2016, on envelope 805. The stamps are striking, so can be tough to find matching envelopes. This one is made from a calendar of watercolors.

Here's a view of the full sheet.