Friday, October 31, 2014

Bonus update - even more Halloween!

Owls from Christy R in the envelope exchange. This envelope is amazing. The way the lines are done to outline a moon is fantastic, and a great choice in vintage stamps to accompany it.

I didn't want to open it, as the design continued on the back, but there was something inside...

...a great bonus Halloween poem.


And an outstanding bonus Halloween envelope from Hester. Dark and brooding, with Monster stamps.

There's even a great Romanian spider stamp used as a seal on the back (and a post office barcode in orange - does this help solve the mystery of Adrienne's triple barcoded card, or just add to the puzzle?)

Inside, another fantastic bat.

And even better, a creepy Halloween story.


And speaking of creepy, here's what Julie S sent me...all the elements work well, and the vintage stamps are fantastic.

The back has a brilliant chalk body outline, and I love the fact that the return address is on a tombstone.

Inside was a bonus postcard - I don't think I can part with it. Also, Julie included a signature Laboratory note. The smiling skull on the poison label is a hoot.

Bonus Halloween update - ghost cards

These two ghostly beauties arrived on the same day.

Carroll sent this as a thank you for a couple of envelopes I have sent her. There's going to be a little more about this card in a future post.

And Adrienne sent this neutral as a thank you for the 29 faces envelope I sent her. Gotta love that chicken.

And there's a bonus on the reverse in the shape of vintage Canadian stamps and a Haunted Canada stamp - the scan does not do it justice, it is AMAZING. There is shiny foil as part of the background image - not quite a hologram, but close. Stunning.


Bonus zombie postcard...

The amazing Carroll took inspiration from the Halloween envelope I sent her (see below).

The postcard also had fantastic Halloween faux postage attached.


Bonus ghost card - yet another ghostly beauty from Adrienne...

With another Haunted Canada stamp and a bonus vampire stamp, vampire sticker and fly stamp!


Bonus monster card! This guy's a commercial card, but he is so fantastic, I had to include him.

Happy Halloween!

 #236 to Carroll D.

Stamped with Johnny and addressed in white.


#159 to Hester (look away if clowns freak you out)

Stamped with another clown.

Addressed in blood red.


#158 to Jan H

With more roses.

And with more white.


#452 to Karen I (this configuration gave the best front to the envelope) - what's the worse nightmare - zombies or local politics?

Maybe you should listen to the voice on your left shoulder, zombie.

White address.


#345 to Carroll.

Stamped with Johnny again.


#346 to Adrienne.

Stamped with a dark trio.


#135 to Julie S

Johny Cash - best Halloween stamp ever.

#449 to Trula

With kaleidoscopic eyes.


#450 to Jean


#448 Pumpkinarteeth


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween sneak preview

Along with Jean, Missive Maven is one of the earliest blogs that had me hooked back on sending out more interesting mail.

And MM loves Halloween, so i thought these zombies were perfect.

The Batman stamp has great colors here (and what would Halloween be without a few superheroes?)

Here's the back.


Jean's wrought iron lettering works really well for Halloween envelopes. 

With Batman stamp.

And with Johnny Cash.


And speaking of superheroes, here's a postage label I hadn't seen before:

Check back tomorrow for a extra Halloween tricks & treats throughout the day.

Envelope exchange 2014: from Hester

Fantastic bat and stamp variety from Hester. 

Halloween is coming...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Envelope exchange 2014: #298 to Eric B

Great to see Eric's name on the exchange list.

This manatee made me think of him for some reason. The scanner made it a lot darker than it is in person.

The colors made me immediately choose the global stamp from 2013. This is my second last one, and this stamp is now sold out.

Eric often sends envelopes with white writing on them, and with the white from the stamp (plus a bit on the envelope) I thought I would send my first white address to him.