Sunday, June 8, 2014

MMSA recycled part 1

This was a very interesting challenge - use only materials that you were going to throw out. Pen/paint were allowed, but not exactly encouraged. The results were very different - a lot of people created amazing looking cards that did not look like recycled material. Mine totally did.

The first one is a recycled application for a credit card - I added a barcode and colorcode from a foodbox, some unused scraps left over from the found poetry challenge (I was trying to get my inkblot creatures right) and some selvage, mostly from a block of global stamps. It didn't have quite the impact that I wanted, but I sent it in anyway - can't wait to hear what the recipient thought.

Card number two was cut from the side of an empty kleenex box. I cut the shape of a stylized leaf to match the design on the box. I also sent one of these to the host, Karen I.

The only downside is the extra postage required.

It is rare for the MMSA cards from the same challenge to all arrive on the same day, but these recycled ones did.

The top one is from Kaprice. It has a little plastic panda express bag on it, and a paper fortune. 

Below that is one I received from Currie. A used plastic foodbag taped into the shape of an envelope. This thing is sturdy, and entertained me the most - wonder what the mailman thought, having to deliver an empty plastic bag. Hopefully he's getting used to the mail art that comes to the house.


  1. Oh good, I'm glad Currie's arrived. She intended for me to send it unfolded, but since it was too big (in one dimension or another) the PO was going to charge me as if it was a package, so I just folded it and kept her original postage on there.

    1. I was highly entertained by the plastic bag - definitely fit in with my idea of this challenge.

  2. dang. you should have told me about this one. i have tons of excess stuff that i like to mail.

    1. Karen's open swaps are here: