Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A commission

I commissioned Jean W to create a unique envelope and card for my mom's 66th birthday. This one from her blog caught my eye as something my mom would like: link.

The envelope, with suggested butterfly stamp positions. The style for the return address is genius.

This was when I naively thought that an international letter between 1 and 2 oz was 1.15 + 21. So three 66c butterfly stamps would be needed. 

To Europe, the 2nd oz is actually 98c, for a grand total of 2.13. Fortunately there was a nice space for a 4th stamp. I took this one to the post office for hand cancelling since it is a special occasion (and a very special envelope).

And the card inside:


  1. Jean has done a magnificent piece of art! Lucky mom to get such a wonderful birthday card.

    1. She loved the card and envelope. And since I rarely send anything flowery, she was doubly surprised.