Saturday, March 5, 2016

MMSA stencil cards received

This was a really interesting challenge, with varied interpretations.

The first one is from Veebee. She wrote that this didn't turn out as 'stencilled' as she wanted, but I think it is fascinating. An interesting background, and there are lots of small details that aren't apparent at first glance (and are hard to appreciate from a scan), like the cut out O in dolls that is filled with glitter.

A more traditional style from  Mary (top) that has stencils applied to shimmery paper, also hard to appreciate in a scan. And a simple, very attractive single stencil from Ellen onto collaged words, Shakespeare, I think, below.

This fantastic peacock from Ellen is another one that needs to be appreciated in person because of the raised texture. For some reason it took 4 days longer to arrive than the others. This card arrived on a particularly good mail day; the rest will be shown over the next couple of days.

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