Thursday, November 24, 2016

Orange is a difficult color...

... but Eric made it work! Look at these fantastic anime stamps... I also like the vintage Marianne stamps where she seems to be blossoming like a flower.

And even more fun, it is made from a French department store paper bag.

If you're in the US - Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Yeah ! You got it and in one piece. I m happy.
    Happy Thanksgiving !

  2. It's a great envelope. But why do you think orange is a difficult colour? ;)

    1. "Orange is a diffult color" was the subject of a mail art call I participated to several years ago. When I saw this Orange bag I immediatly thought about this sentence that Ilike. I think orange is a difficult color to wear. Isn't it ?

    2. Well, for one, 'orange' doesn't rhyme with anything in English.

    3. I don't think the whole word rhymes with anything... the ending does (syringe, for example). Purple is another non-rhyming color.