Monday, June 26, 2017

Inkblot Mondays part 8

It's time for another inkblot. This one is from Veebee.

What do you see in the inkblot? And the underlying photo is Mr Rorschach himself - does he remind you of anyone?

I'll be back in a week to share my thoughts.

Here is what I thought about last week's inkblot.


  1. I see a hat with fancy doo-dahson the crown.

  2. This is more difficult. I only see some flowers... Is he really Mr Rorschach?

  3. I ser a pink and blue alien appearing on TV and telling us they come in peace.
    I had never seen any portrait of Rorscharch. He looks very different from what I would have imagined...

  4. I didn't see much in the inkblot - a totem pole maybe?

    Mr Rorschach reminds me of Brad Pitt.