Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How many pieces of mail art have you sent?

I only keep count of the smaller size envelopes I make by hand.

I think Philippe counts everything...

I love how he chooses his colors and turns each number into something abstract.


  1. I don't keep track of the number. I could try to count, but only since I have computer. I keep pictures of the sent mail... unless I forgot to take the picture, of course :|

    This envelope is great.

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    1. I number my 'official' mail art (the mail art, mostly drawn on those 10x15 postcard size water colour papers, or sometimes a drawn envelope itself), and recently I've sent nr 767. Besides that, I have sent some fun things (like an onion-shaped piece of wood in a small, recycled plastic box, or a handmade banana shaped postcard-like piece of cardboard, and so on. I named them 'flux' (after both the fluxus movement and the Latin word for 'flow', plus a number. Because I didn't draw on them, I don't count them as my 'official' mail art. There must be over 110 pieces, but I lost the exact numbers.
      And add-and-passes (AAP's), I sometimes count as an 'official' piece of mail art (if I have done my best to draw something nice on it), or I count it AAP (plus number), but also of this I lost the count.

      How much of the smaller size envelopes did you count?

    2. I have not sent all of them, but i have now made over 800.

  3. I started counting everything (really everything) when I started mail art 365 in february 2016. Up to now I habe reached 630. I must say that my paper bag mail art call (and the fact that I answer to each contribution) has boosted my production.