Sunday, April 22, 2018

J is for Jacques Lehmann Nam

The French sculptor, Jacques Lehmann Nam (1881-1974), more famous for his cat art, was celebrated on this stamp featuring a bronze chimpanzee, sent to me on an envelope from Fabienne.

The stamp is part of a set titled Animals in Art, issued in 2013.

To see more stamps inspired by a J theme, check out the Sunday Stamps links.


  1. Great sculpture and stamp by a J.

  2. I had never seen these stamps. I guess you were delighted with Fabienne's choice :)

  3. The link shows some lovely cat drawings :)
    It's interesting that, except for the snake, all these animals are posing to the left.

    1. I like left-facing stamps, they always seem to be 'interested' in the addressee, rather than gazing off the envelope into nowhere :)

  4. Not an artist I was familiar with but I like in his cat obsession he uses a variety of painting styles. Nice link I could be clicking in there for hours:) Love the stamp set theme.