Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Stunning Sugar Skull

Hello, Halloween lovers, it's the witching month!

I am not sure how I managed to not blog this amazing envelope when Cathy sent it in 2017, but it is worth the wait. Inside a protective plastic cover...

..and unwrapped.

And it came with a nice autumnal card inside.


  1. A very well done skull Nice to see you posting again Halloween is very near and scary things in the post are a must Hester

  2. You're back!
    I almost missed your name and address on the mask / skull
    this is so well done.

  3. No doubt it is worth showing. Wow, I'm impressed by this work!

    1. Me, too. It is one of those works where I could say I could never achieve this myself, so I should give up! :)

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  5. thanks to give this mail art call to yours followers. See you Tony Mazzocchin

    1. Of course, Tony.

      I have had no time for stamp creation, unfortunately.