Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Hump Day

Heleen sent me this great postcard featuring camels drawn in the style of four different artists.

I managed to identify two right away, one I was a little unsure of, and one I had no idea.

See if you can guess them, and maybe you could try and guess which ones I guessed correctly.

And happy Hump Day (even though most days feel the same during the pandemic)!


  1. Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein are easy. Maybe Claude Monet style on the second camel clockwise?

    First time I've read "hump day", and I had to look for the meaning :)

  2. lichtenstein,keith haring ,Van Gogh et peut être Pierre Bonnard ou Gauguin (période école de Pont Aven)

  3. I also get Lichtenstein and Haring, and maybe Van Gogh...

    I work 7 days a week so 'hump day' and 'weekends' have been irrelevant to me for years!

  4. I guess you guessed Haring and Liechtenstein :-)
    And I was correct in guessing the one bottom left, I now even found the title. (Would I spoil if I mentioned it here?)

    And also I had to look up 'hump day':-)

    1. Sure, it would be great to know the correct answer for bottom left :)

    2. Thank you for allowing me to provide the answers :-)
      'View of Delft', by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (bottom left). And I found out that the painting top right is 'the Harvest', by Vincent van Gogh.

    3. Thanks for the answers, Heleen. Like everyone else, I recognized Lichtenstein and Haring. I thought the top right might be van Gogh (background looks like him, camel maybe not as much), and I was clueless on bottom left.

      Happy to introduce you and Eva to 'hump day'.