Sunday, January 17, 2021


 Today's Sunday Stamps theme is women on stamps.

One from Eva, featuring Violeta, the pseudonym of Pool Consuelo Álvarez (1867-1059). 

She was an author, journalist, suffragist, and one of the first female telegraph operators in Spain. Her English wikipedia page gives more information, but is a bit confusing as the pronouns used in the article switch between she and he! (on reflection, this is because google translated her page, written in Spanish, into English).

This stamp issued in 2016 by Canada Post celebrates all the women who fought for the right to vote, which was granted in 1916.

To see more women on stamps, visit the links at Sunday Stamps.

PS It is actress, entertainer, icon and national treasure Betty White's 99th birthday today. Happy Birthday, Betty! Perhaps one day she will be honored with a stamp.


  1. Nice to see this stamp featured :)
    For the second one, we choose the same topic.

  2. Wow, Violeta was one busy woman!

  3. Spanish female political activists seem to have a liking for a pseudonym, possibly a must with those incredibly long names. I'm intrigued by the transport she is driving and trying to decide if it is a scooter or a three wheeled vehicle. Love the clever Canadian vote stamp.

    1. I would say the pseudonym was a must due to the toughness of her time.

      I think the vehicle is a scooter.

  4. I am learning a lot from all the stamps this week and yours are no exception.