Thursday, July 11, 2013

Envelope 83

In my note to Jean I did say that I thought this one was made an easy choice by the incredible fine art stamps issued in March.

The stamps are relatively large, so the great thing about the article this envelope was made from is the large amount of white space (now well-aged off-white) to accommodate it. I also love the running hare painting by Colin Finn (no relation to FinnBadger, sadly).

Here is the sealed envelope with the stamp:

I attempted to mimic the captions on the paintings for the address. 

In hindsight the stamp should have been lower down with the address above it, like painting 14. I was thrown off by painting 15, and I think I am still too fixated on having the address too central. Must use other part of brain more. I also opted for clear labels. They aren't 100% transparent, but better than bright white for my purposes.

I might need to find an envelope that doesn't require a slanted address next time - Jean is going to think I'm a one-trick pony.

I didn't add additional postage, so I hope there wasn't too much delay in delivery.

Edit: it arrived unscathed. See Jean's response.


  1. yes, the back is very nice. don't worry about versatility. if you have a lot of diagonal envelopes, just embrace them. i tend to jump all over the place, but there is value in concentrating on one thing and working in depth until you are ready to move on. i spent a lot of time with Neuland and i think it was very helpful to have spent that time (a year) on just one style. you have self critiqued very well, in noting that you do not need to keep the address so centrally-located.

  2. The size of magazine pages and the size of the template meant that there are a lot of diagonal designs - some end up looking more abstract, so they are less obvious. I'm glad you like them and don't find them contrived.