Saturday, April 5, 2014

MMSA altered - arrivals 1

In addition to the cut postcards, I also sent out some more that were postcards (bought in the early 90s) altered with text from a 2014 someecards daily calendar.

Here are 5 of them, all linked from Karen's website as I neglected to scan them prior to departure:

And here are 9 I received:
from PostMuse and Currie

from Kaprice and Laurie 

from Cathy, Care and Carla

Margaret and Karen

Sadly, the last one was missing its star player. Here's the scan from Karen's website:

I guess Mr Frog went on a new adventure... least one of the cards I sent suffered the same fate - card arrived without its accompanying text. I can report that 3 of the 4 fish attached to the back of one of my cut postcards made it.


  1. yours are great....!! i bet it was fun finding such perfect blurbs to match the images.

  2. It was easier in the beginning when I had a lot more images to choose from.