Sunday, April 27, 2014

the seas survived

I always send the host of MMSA, Karen I, a postcard separate to the challenge. Usually it is something similar to the ones I send in for the swaps, so I don't blog them separately, but for the Found Poetry challenge I created 6 separate cards, so thought I'd share the extras.

It is still national poetry month, too. Here's a bonus link to a great infographic about haiku.

I used one of the post office's stamped postcards to paste the book page onto. I didn't realize the PO sold these until recently. The cards are fairly small (and the pre-stamp fairly large!) but they are decent value for money if you are buying other things online.


  1. Love the tree postcards! The PO is getting better at making nice cards.

    1. I thought that last year's deer stamp was also a very nice design.