Monday, August 18, 2014

Bonus mail - Fancy French mail art call

Another piece of mail art arrived from France along with Eric's. This is a mail art call from Laurence G in Nancy. It was sent in a transparent envelope and came with a piece of art - it is 2x2 inches, which I think is called a 'twinchie' (not really a term I like, I have to say).

Laurence had 3 calls: 



Little notebook of curiosities.

I'll have to decide what to send him.


  1. that is some really cool mail, right there. and twinchie is a terrible word. my brain is too addled to think of an alternative.

    1. I was surprised to receive such a nice piece for a mail art call.

      Glad you agree with me about 'twinchie'. Maybe there is a cool word in French that we can steal.