Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guess the stamp game week 3

MMSA ran a handmade envelope challenge - perfect for me!

I sent in 5 envelopes for the exchange and one for the host. As a mini-bonus for the recipients I included a stamp inside the envelope.

The game is for you to see if you can guess which stamp I included for each envelope.

Answer to last week's game:

Well done to Jean for guessing correctly - 1 point.
Hester is on 1/2 a point.

Today's envelope is #172


  1. earth stamp - the one with brighter colors

  2. Hi! I agree, the Earth Stamp. Any rules on not being able to guess the same stamp? Only other choice could be the clowns from the Circus Series.

  3. The circular design is correct, but I still had some Christmas wreath stamps left.