Friday, October 31, 2014

Bonus update - even more Halloween!

Owls from Christy R in the envelope exchange. This envelope is amazing. The way the lines are done to outline a moon is fantastic, and a great choice in vintage stamps to accompany it.

I didn't want to open it, as the design continued on the back, but there was something inside...

...a great bonus Halloween poem.


And an outstanding bonus Halloween envelope from Hester. Dark and brooding, with Monster stamps.

There's even a great Romanian spider stamp used as a seal on the back (and a post office barcode in orange - does this help solve the mystery of Adrienne's triple barcoded card, or just add to the puzzle?)

Inside, another fantastic bat.

And even better, a creepy Halloween story.


And speaking of creepy, here's what Julie S sent me...all the elements work well, and the vintage stamps are fantastic.

The back has a brilliant chalk body outline, and I love the fact that the return address is on a tombstone.

Inside was a bonus postcard - I don't think I can part with it. Also, Julie included a signature Laboratory note. The smiling skull on the poison label is a hoot.


  1. You must have gone to all the Post Offices in your area for Trick and Treat and picked up all these treats. Great post & thank you for sharing! Fantastic Owl Envelope. Happy Halloween... until next year

    1. Thanks for your own great contributions to my Halloween mail bonanza! It has been really great to get so much Halloween related pieces through the letterbox this year.