Saturday, June 13, 2015

London Pub Collective

Mail Art Martha, MomKat (both of whom I already exchange mail art with), stripygoose, and Scott aka Positively Postal met up in a London Pub to create mail art earlier this year, and I was one of the lucky recipients (card arrived May 6).

Lots of stamps, birds, blue and yellow.

I wanted to create a linked set of mail art for them, hopefully by the time this post rolls around I will have created something and sent it out...

..mission accomplished! The imminent postage increase of May 31 was a good motivator. I created a set of four large envelopes from a promo poster for Brother Bear that Karen N sent me ages ago, a collective sending if you will. And the Send a Hello and Send a Smile stamps were perfect for this. I apologize for my photography skills - I could not get the stamps and envelopes in focus at the same time. And these guys were just a little bit too long to fit on the scanner without creasing them even more.

Inside everyone received a piece of hive mind. This is not quite how they ended up looking, as they were printed onto transparencies and glued to colored cardstock, but the final product doesn't scan well. Use your imagination :)

And a commemorative print on gold tissue paper.

Thanks so much for thinking of me, everyone.

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