Monday, August 1, 2016

Eric Mondays - part (3.)14 - Pi Day

With the US system of writing the month before the date, there is a Pi day every year on March 14th.

I took the opportunity to obtain a special Pi day cancellation for this envelope.

Here's the version that reached Eric.

I also sent one to Eva (without the 50).


  1. Such a logical but surprising original idea!! Love the way you created the '50'!

    (we have to have 9 more years of patience before you could create a -0 number for me, as I was born a year before Eric :-) )
    (How many years are you from a decennium (and which number will it be, if I may ask?))

  2. Thanks, I have had a lot of fun making fifties for Eric.

    And in a little over two years I'll be turning 50 myself.

  3. So there is some more time to think about which way to create these numbers for you :-)