Saturday, August 13, 2016

Envelope 1000

Not really (although I'm getting close - currently on homemade envelope 824), however this *is* blog post 1000.

I'm amazed the blog has made it to this point.

A family member found some of the original envelopes that I sent out back in 1992/1993, so here they are.

The one with comedienne Jo Brand and the plumber's crack made me laugh. I can honestly say I have no memory of any of them.

It has been a while since I looked at the top 5 most viewed blog posts, so here they are, with a new entry for Heleen's fabulous Fin(n)Badger:

1 (1) Edelweiss post (2016)

2 (2) St Valentine's Day (2015)*

5 (-) Fin(n)Badger (2016)

* indicates a former number one post.

And since it is a special occasion, here are the next 5 most popular posts to round out the top ten.

9. Top 5 (2014)

There are also two former number one blogposts no longer in the top 10...

Envelope 100 (2013)

Envelope 81 (2013)

Plus, July 2016 was the most visited month on the blog ever, so thanks to everyone who sends me mail, and/or comments on the blog, it is all appreciated!!


  1. This is a very cool collection of envelopes. Thanks for sharing them. And congratulations for the 1000th post.

    1. Thanks, Eric - I certainly wouldn't be all that close to 1000 without mail to and from you!