Saturday, October 8, 2016

A large castle from Heleen

This piece itself is large - it reminds me a bit of a kid's plastic place mat - a bit of a mystery!

Thanks for such a fun piece. And for the little drawn envelope on the back with the December stamps.


  1. Replies
    1. Perhaps Heleen will explain it a bit more when she notices that it did arrive (she expressed concern about its likelihood of making it on the back).

  2. Glad to see the castle arrived! And I am surprised that you posted it in your Envelopes blog -maybe thanks to the little envelope on the back :-)

    It indeed looks and feels like a placemat, but it isn't :-)
    It is recycled-into-a-mailobject and was part of a little suitcase (all made out of this material). It could have been thrown into the plastic recycling bin but I immediately thought of postcards, seeing the picture.
    Now that I read on your blog you like Halloween (which still is not so known here in NL) I suddenly imagine friendly ghosts and pumpkins around this castle, but previously I thought of just a lord/knight Phillip living there with his personnel :-)

    1. Well, this blog is for all my mail art, not just envelopes. Thanks resolving the mystery!

      I've always wanted minions....