Wednesday, October 12, 2016

September exchange envelopes in

A great set of envelopes from Jean's September exchange.

From the hostess...

From Cathy (love how she spaced the address at the bottom of this Joan Miro-inspired envelope)...

From Grace - I'm always impressed when someone can remove those fruit/veg stickers so perfectly... (and thanks for the bonuses inside!)

From Lynne, making me think of travel...

From Jannie, leaves of Fall.

And a bonus envelope from Hester, which I didn't even know was from her because she went for it on the freeform handwriting. 


  1. I love especially the Miró-like design. Spain issued last year a beautiful stamp about this painter, but its face value is 3.71€, so difficult to be used on a normal letter.

    1. Fantastic minisheet and stamp, thanks for the link. I am sure it is directed at collectors rather than the average postal user, unfortunately.