Sunday, February 25, 2018

B is for Bees

A wonderful envelope and contents from Fabienne, with these great stamps featuring solitary bees issued by La Poste in 2016.

Megachile bees are known as leaf cutters as they line their nests with cut leaves.

The genus of bees called Colletes are know as polyester bees as they line their nests with a cellophane-like plastic material.

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  1. I'm not usually a fan of insecty things, but this combination of stamps and envelope is delightful.

  2. Very nice envelope and stamps! I think I have received one stamp from this series. I must check which bee it shows!

  3. Bees are essential for the existence of our foods by fertilising flowers and plants. They give a buzz to me.

  4. I like insects on stamps, and as Bob says, bees are so important for pur lifes.
    Beautiful stamps and envelope!

    (Alas I won't contribute to Sunday Stamps the coming time, as my desktop crashed last Sunday, the hard disk containing all my scanned stamps :-) And blogging via my phone still doedn't succeed)

    1. Oh, sorry about your computer. I thought it had crashed short ago... You need a new one! :|

  5. Love bees, what an interesting name for this species.