Sunday, February 4, 2018

Z is for Zoologique

On this wonderful mail art from Fabienne, a stamp celebrating 80 years of the Parc Zoologique de Paris.

More animals and funny fruit inside, too. Thanks so much, Fabienne!

To see if anyone else chose Zoo for today's Sunday Stamps, click here to explore more links.

And that's another A-Z completed!

As a bonus, here is another A-Z - the BBC put together a list of 26 words that shouldn't be lost to us (but probably already are).


  1. I was about to publish this very stamp, today (sent by Eric, I think). Finally I chose something different. The other stamp, the toucan, is new to me; very nice and cheerful.

  2. Haven't seen these stamps before! Lovely! I bookmarked that A-Z list, though I don't think I will ever find any stamps related to those words :))

  3. A nice tropical envelope. Toucan and flamingo I could watch for hours.

  4. These stamps are new to me, too. Beautiful, and how funny the way the giraffe is watching us, watchets:-)
    ( by the way, giraffe in Persian is 'zarafè' :-) )

  5. This tropical theme is a perfect antidote for this snowy Sunday!

  6. You sidetracked me with the 26 words - I still use some of them. Zoo two!