Friday, December 13, 2019

Holiday stamps and postmark

I've finally come across this year's US holiday postmark in the wild.

Shown with the US-rate Canadian holiday stamp.

I have to say I prefer both the domestic and non-US international rate Canadian stamps over this one.

Is there a set of stamps from another country that you really like this year?


  1. I have got only Christmas stamps from the UK and the USA, so far. I like both (even the Christmas donuts; although the issue with the edge annoys me, as usual).

    From what I've seen on the Internet, I'd like to get the Hungarian stamp, with the Magi or the Finland stamp with the elves, for instance.

  2. but, but, ... The Nutcracker!
    the US stamp does seem slightly out of synch with the other two, doesn't it?!

    1. I think it is perhaps that the nutcracker stamp doesn't come across quite as colorful as the other two. Or maybe it is that I prefer the animals.