Wednesday, July 22, 2020


I used a wine label to create a circus-themed envelope for Eva. I don't have any circus-related stamps, but I thought the metallic accents on the celebrate stamps were a good match.

You can see how well it traveled on Eva's blog.

I confess that I often buy wine based on the label - how do you choose your wine?


  1. The label plays a big part of my buying. Generally I would be taking the wine somewhere for dinner (remember those days?) and I have been known to take the bottle home after drinking the contents. I used to have a nice collection to reuse for 'water bottles'!

    1. I've just started being OK going over to visit friends. Nice use of the wine bottles, I've seen some restaurants (what are they?) where they do that.

  2. It depends, but attractive labels are a plus ;)