Tuesday, July 14, 2020


More wine today. I sent this envelope to Heleen incorporating a wine label and adding the Celebrate stamps with their metallic accents.

It traveled well. Unusually for a wine label it doesn't have the name on it, so I went back to the store to find that it is perfectly named Skyrider.

Heleen took much more atmospheric photos after it arrived:


  1. j'espère que c'était une bonne bouteille ,j'aime beaucoup le vin blanc chardonnay et pinot gris mais un de mes vins préférés est le pouilly fumé:) Très belle lettre comme toujours avec des timbres parfaitement assortis :)

  2. The label is wonderful, and it match perfectly with the stamps (as in the Freakshow, that I'll publish soon). Wine and beer labels, sometimes, are little artworks, like the stamps.

    And yes, it is a bit odd that they don't include the name in a prominent place. But it worked, because you came back to the shop ;)

    1. True, although I didn't buy it again (I went with pears that time).