Monday, February 20, 2023

Happy Bunday I

 It is the year of the rabbit, and the first rabbits to show up in the mail are thanks to Fabienne.

The Year of the Rabbit stamp minisheet is lovely.

And I love the design of this flier.

Google translated the title as "The Little Floor Tiles". Firstly, sounds much better in French, secondly, maybe it has a different meaning?

Happy Bunday!


  1. Oui le nom "les petites tommettes " a un lien direct avec l histoire de la ville de Creil où il y avait jadis une faïencerie qui a donné son nom à un centre culturel( cf Musée Gallé Juillet)

  2. Everything sounds better in French

  3. A beautiful stamp, and also the postcard. We're having some bundays this year!