Monday, February 13, 2023


 It isn't often that a Postcrosser asks for non-traditional postcards, so when someone wrote they would be interested in receiving upcycled food packaging sent as a postcard, I had the perfect piece in mind.

I used these stamps to compliment the theme (and cover the cost of the non-machineable size).

I was sure it was lost, as it was going to France and usually mail takes no more than 2 weeks to get there. 

Finally, after 40 days it arrived unscathed!


  1. Superbe carte maison et j adore les timbres :) Les délais postaux entre les Etats Unis et la France sont parfois surprenant, parfois une semaine ou plus d'un mois :(

    1. I sent something to Spain at the same time - it also took about 40 days. The postal service is, in general, a big mystery. In December a card arrived in France faster than one to Columbus!