Sunday, October 27, 2013

Finnbadger 3

Jean sent me one of her grid envelopes with one of the stunning modern art stamps. I'm a fan of geometric shapes, and modern art, so the combination was very pleasing.

Just a pity the post office worker scrawled in pink marker on the stamp to cancel it - I wish they all had nice franks with which to cancel stamps that make it through the sorting process unscathed. Makes me want to scan a clean version of the stamp and photoshop the image.

I like the clever way Jean wrote the address, although she felt it was a little forced in places.


  1. popping open your blog and seeing this image was like discovering my pet, flattened by a semi truck. and what's with the ragged corner where you opened the envelope? don't you have an exacto knife in every room? you aren't cutting your hand made envelopes with scissors are you?

  2. Haha. Not sure what happened when opening this one, I'm usually very careful. It is always possible that one of the cats decided to help me.

    And yes, the handmade ones actually are cut with scissors - I told you, I am not really very crafty at all!