Thursday, October 31, 2013

Envelope 72

Following a link on jean's website led me to tony's mail art blog. In French, which I can't read, it seems mostly dedicated to faux stamps and real mail art, as well as odd things sent by mail (flip flops, sardine tins). Really interesting stuff.

I sent him envelope 72. Sadly, I forgot to scan the envelope front before affixing the stamps. This envelope is made from glossy magazine paper - not very easy to work with and quite flimsy, with a tendency to tear easily. I have only used this type of paper when the image has been worth it.

Due to the lack of variety of stamps for airmail letters, I often use 3 first class stamps for variety when sending mail overseas - for a small cost it adds variety for me and the recipient. I've had this idea for this particular envelope for a while.


I did not do such a good job with the address label - it is not very easy to read, so I hope it gets there.


And as usual, the back. I didn't notice Jose Ferrer on the back - this would have been a great envelope to put his stamp on.

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