Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Envelope 127

This is from a new batch of envelopes - so 20 years between sets, not too bad.

Envelope 127:

I really didn't ever think there would be a perfect envelope for one of the cycling stamps, but a local magazine proved me wrong. The orange helmet on the stamp and the envelope are almost identical. Of course the stamp cyclist is going the opposite direction...
I stuck the address on in a speech bubble to match the rest of the text on this one. I love the fact that there is a passage bemoaning the loss of courier work to email. It was tough to get the printer to print a clear font, for some reason the text ended up a bit blurred regardless of settings. 

And, as always, the back view.


  1. glad to see you have updated your blog, i was about to mention on my blog that your priorities were getting out of whack. and soooooo happy to see that you tried the halloween envelope. i have further comments on this envelope, but they will be on my blog.