Saturday, November 22, 2014

Envelope 438

This is another one from a Walter J Philips calendar, Poplar Bay, the Lake of the Woods.

Even though it is not a Far East scene, it does make me think of a Japanese woodblock print, so I used a bonsai stamp.

Addressed in the shimmery part of the lake to Care.


  1. I thought the image was from a Japanese calendar. Either way, the bonsai stamp is perfect

    1. Thanks.

      In retrospect, I wonder if the 70c butterfly would have worked well here - it would have matched the orange sails.

    2. I like the way the bonsai tree mimics the shape of the tree on the envelope. the stamp is subtle, too. I like the splash of color of the sail. I think a more colorful stamp would take away from that.

    3. True, plus the butterfly stamps are relatively large, too. Sometimes better not to use the retrospectoscope.