Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I finally did decide to join IUOMA - a couple of people from MMSA are active there. There are some extremely welcming people - Petrolpetal promised to send me mail art, however a postal strike in South Africa lasting around 3 months prevented this from getting here until recently (arrived 10 November, postmarked 26 September).

She wrote 'messy' on the back - I love it, very abstract. She included three great mail art postcards - now I have to decide if I should keep them or mail them forward.

In the interim I had sent envelope 446 sent to Petrolpetal of IUOMA. I love the small yellow lego face.

Stamped - I'm beginning to like this global stamp a bit more, very useful for envelopes with lots of colors - and of course I only have one left and USPS is sold out of them.

(Edit: mysteriously these stamps are for sale again at

Simple address label.

And the back.

Post is on the move again in SA, so hopefully Petrolpetal will have a mail bonanza this month.

Update: this just in from petrolpetal... the mail must be on the move as this envelope arrived. It has a really odd frank on - or maybe it was franked twice? In either case, even though the stamp and address are in fairly standard positions, the address was cancelled.

Maybe it should be petrolmetal, as part of the contents is a stamped piece of metal from a beer can!

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