Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Envelope 597 to Rose

and envelope 682 to Jan.


  1. Funny!

    Hmm, and inspiring!... I love music, and years ago I drew one guitar playing him/herself, but of course more instruments - and even a LP player, your envelope proofs - are nice objects to experiment with :-)
    What is your favourite music instrument, FinnBadger?

    (and how do you call a LP player in English?? We named it 'pick-up', a Dutch word borrowed from English, or 'platenspeler', lit. records-player.)

    1. We call it a record player ;) I guess if you're a DJ (or think you're a DJ) you might call it a turntable.

      Hmmm... hard to say what my favorite musical instrument is. I like music, but I'm not musical myself. If I am on the spot, I'd probably say piano.