Friday, April 8, 2016

Who is Eduardo - this was supposed to be the finale but the deadline was extended to April 30th!

This one really is not the last one. You still have time to send Eduardo something!!

I was playing around with all the Os in the address for Who is Eduardo Munez, thinking about using them as a large interchange station for another metro-themed envelope, when a different idea emerged.

This style also worked really well for Eva, stripygoose,  and MomKat. The printer didn't always cooperate perfectly, but that's life!

I also sent a couple out in Jean & Jan's March envelope exchange.


  1. Oh, wow, these are beautiful!!!

    (alas one o in my address, and a 0 - or maybe the 8 will count for two?!? :-) )

  2. It seems to work with a lot of adresses (not with Heleen's, alas!).

  3. Yes, I wish it worked for more addresses.