Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Gnome does it again

All sorts of goodies from the Minneapolis Gnome - caution tape, envelope, glasses, and a new minizine!

Fun on the back, too.


  1. Interesting mail!

    The back side is great, too. Nice squirrel stamp and I love the typewritten.
    Funny, never thought of squirrels being monkeys, but as NL also has lack of monkeys in the wild we should find some alternative animal, too... I think jackdaws a good candidate, clever nimals who can reach the tops of trees, too, and/or indeed squirrels.

    1. (Apologize my misspellings, I leapt the 'a' in 'animals' :-) )

    2. I always want to save typos like this and use them for a short story with weird names for things.

    3. 'clever nimals'... Good idea to keep them in mind for stories!

      By the way, the German word 'niemals' means 'never'... (pronounced a little different but written almost the same)