Monday, January 23, 2017

Eric Mondays part 37 - a misadventure

And a missed postmark.

Either I mixed the dates up, or they were incorrect on the web. Either way, this is what happened:

Sent back to me, with a nice note. This is what the cancellation would have looked like.

I sent them back to Eric in this envelope made from a folder he had sent me.


Postal update: Forever stamps went up to 49c yesterday. Fortunately postcards and international rates stay the same.

Letters up to 2 oz cost 70c, and those up to 3 oz are 91c. 


  1. Note that just because of the cute sticky not I m almost happy about this postal misadventure !

    1. I have never seen a post-it note that shape before, so I thought you might like it.